swings and slides accessories

The Swing by Play Word Center  Playsets is always a kid’s favorite! With the forward and back movement, sitting on the swing will make you feel like you are flying an airplane! It has handles for each hand, and a wide seat like a saddle! The design allows you to push with your feet to move the swing forward. One of the best things about this swing is that it can hold 2 children at once! They both get to feel the sway of the swing as it moves.

Glider Swing

Swing Set Gliders

What’s better than a swing for one child? How about swing set gliders for two children! Your kids will love any of these glider swings as they glide back and forth for hours. Available in yellow or green and come with your choice of rope, coated chain, or soft grip chain. Each can be adjusted up or down.


Hill Slides

We love sculpting the landscape and adding slides in the side of hills. Children love crawling or running up hills to zoom back down on a fast slide. Because they are embedded in the hill they are wonderfully safe – no place to fall. All you need to add is a safe landing pad at the bottom.

These beefy slides are the same ones we use on all our projects. They are commercial grade, double-walled, roto-molded plastic – the same durable slides that playground equipment manufacturers use. Now you can use them too. If you already have a hill – great! If not, bring in the dirt and grass and build a new hill (we do it all the time).

Toy Periscope

Toy Periscope

See it all without being seen.… over the waves and far away! This double handled playground toy Periscope is the perfect toy for all backyard submarine adventures!

The bracket can be screwed on vertically or horizontally, and the periscope swivels’ in all directions

Tough plastic casing with two plastic mirrors inside

bucket swing seat

Full Bucket Swing Seat

The Full Bucket Swing Seat is our most popular swing for infants and toddlers! This swing seat is designed with a unique high backrest for added support and is made of our durable copolymer plastic. Comes complete with sturdy galvanized hardware for attaching rope or chain (not included). Choose from our fun, bright, primary colors, Red, Blue, Green or Yellow!

Swing Features

  • Fully enclosed child seat with unique high backrest
  • Complete with sturdy galvanized hardware (s-hooks and chain sold separately)
  • Swing Seat available in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow


Belt Seat

w/ triangle hardware
6″ x 24″, this is our finest belt seat. Molded co-polymer seat with galvanized triangle hardware, this tough swing has steel inserts to help resist vandalism. 3lbs.

Replacement Pendulum

Replacement Pendulum

These hot dipped galvanized replacement pendulum include bronze bushing and fit both stamped steel and ductile iron swing hangers. Length 3.25 in; brass bushing diameter measures 0.48 in; pendulum diameter measures 7/8 in.

double clevis connector

Ddouble clevis connector

provide a more secure, tamper resistant connection for your playground equipment. This galvanized connector requires the use of our clevis connector hex tool

5to12 years swing

5 to 12 years swing

The swing is a simple device that has been recorded in ancient civilizations, and yet it has not lost its appeal even to date. Try to remember the simple joy a swing set brought you while in your own childhood. Now can you imagine a playground without one? The Commercial Swing Sets from PLAY CENTER offer the newest technologies, the safest materials and components, and are available at the most reasonable prices.

Playground Toy Telephone

Plastic Telephone

Since toddlers are always playing with the phone, get them one of their own! This Plastic Telephone has it all: durable plastic, cordless, spring loaded push button keypad, and even a ringing bell sound.

climbing rock holds

Climbing rock holds


  • Intermediate / Advanced Rock Climbing Holds:
  • 25% INCUTS
  • Made with pure Rigid Urethane for flat climbing wall surfaces.
  • This starter set was designed to be used by experienced climbers on overhanging climbing walls. The shapes and texture are super comfy and tendon friendly.
  • This set is NOT for beginners.
  • Climbing shoes are required.



High quality materials and fiberglass