Interactive Play Panels

Play World Center playground panels offer a wide variety of engaging and stimulating activities for children. Our playground panels are carefully designed to provide entertainment while helping kids acquire important developmental skills. Adding Play World Center Panels to your commercial playground design will allow you to add educational, interesting elements to an already fun play environment. Enhance any school or park playground with Burke panels.

drum panel

Drum Panel

Introduce the world of music to your child’s life with our Freestanding Bongo Panel! This musical panel offers brightly colored bongos that emits different sounds. Place this panel by itself or with other music panels and watch as children endlessly enjoy creating their own band!

Two bongo-style drums in varying tones. Available as a play world center component version as well.

Tic-Tac-Toe Panel

Tic-Tac-Toe Panel

Children with cognitive impairments might have greater difficulty with one or more types of mental tasks than a peer who is typically developing. There are too many types of cognitive impairments to list here, each unique to the individual. Cognitive impairments can impact a child’s memory, judgement, perception, planning, orientation, concentration, or attention.

Simple things can be done to support children with cognitive impairments in your playspace:

  • Design for safety
  • Include a variety of challenge levels in your playspace activity areas
  • Be sure to have a variety of activities to hold attention
  • Use color-coded pathways to support memory of areas within your playspace

Puzzle Panel

Puzzle Panel

This panel allows children to mix and match images to create new and unusual silly creatures

Vinyl stickers with UV protection for longer lasting color Large rounds

Durable rotationally molded Polyethylene plastic

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