The Victorian style park bench

The Victorian style park bench features beautifully detailed and durable ductile iron castings with wood, metal, or plastic seating surface options.

Its timeless beauty and modular construction make this bench a great choice for any project.  Unlike fabricated metal, modular construction permits you to repair or replace components – if need be – without complicated repairs or expensive handling.

The Victorian style park bench will provide beauty and value, while enhancing the City’s sidewalk system. Most of all, your gift will be a legacy to our City, helping create an attractive and pleasant place to live, work, and play.

nineteenth century Victorian park bench

park bench

park bench

victorian park bench

This decorative renaissance park bench has a beautifully cast aluminum frame. The seat and back planks of the renaissance benches are crafted in your choice of gorgeous Redwood or Cedar style recycled plastic.

The recycled plastic planks makes this bench durable and perfect for low maintenance parks or recreational areas.

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