American Made

American Made Products

Nearly all of our products are manufactured in America. With this high quality, costs and sustainability we will have greater control. But more than that, it provides jobs for people who are passionate about enriching local communities and investing in future generations. We’re proud to have  this , and we’re proud to deliver high quality work  to Jordanian  community of play and innovation to our customers.

You Have Our Word

More than just a contract, our warranty is our personal commitment that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase now and far, far into the future.

As an employee-owned company, we take great pride in the quality of everything we make. And we’re so confident that you’ll be delighted with your purchase that we back our products with the most comprehensive long-term warranties in the industry. It’s just one more way we show how much we care about our customers and communities.

Higher Standards

Kids play hard and that means they’re going to occasionally skin an elbow or bruise a shin. Safety has been a priority of ours since the beginning. In some ways, it’s the most difficult part of our business.

We’re proud to lead the way in promoting healthy lifestyles for children and families, a cleaner environment and strong communities. In our effort to create the most innovative and fun playground equipment, we never compromise on our commitment to manufacturing playground products that are safe for children as well as the environment.

Better Materials

From our exclusive compression clamps that keep fingers and clothing safe to our tunnel slide design that eliminates pinched fingers, our focus is on safety and durability. We use only the best materials and innovative features to build our products to last for generations.

It’s all part of our commitment to quality and innovation and a tradition of never settling for less.

We set the standard for quality
From our exclusive compression clamps that keep fingers and clothing safe to our tunnel slide design that eliminates pinched fingers, our focus is on safety and durability. We use only the best materials and innovative features because we build our playground products to last.

We use durable concrete to create themed playground designs that encourage imaginative play on park and school playgrounds. We use 3/4″ Permalene®, because we know it’s rugged, won’t chip or peel, and the finish holds up in all kinds of weather. Plain old S-hooks are not good enough… we use top-of-the-line Clevis bolts or Swivel Point Connectors instead. They are more durable and reliable. We use vandal-resistant, steel-reinforced climbing cable wrapped with polyester yarn instead of nylon that can rub skin the wrong way. Polyester is easy on little hands, UV-stable and won’t fray. It’s all part of our commitment to quality and innovation, and a tradition of never settling for less.

Expect a Great Experience

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our customer service philosophy. It’s behind our industry-best order accuracy, on-time delivery record and flexibility. And it’s how we can say with complete confidence: If you are not happy, we’ll make things right—no matter what..

We’ll be with you in your playground project from conception to installation and beyond. See for yourself how our customers feel about working with Landscape Structures, and our group of the best independent playground consultants in the world.

    We are always happy to make specific product recommendations, answer your questions, and provide whatever technical support you need.