The benefits of outdoor play are many. Playing outside helps children develop important motor skills and get needed exercise. Playing also helps children develop social and cognitive skills as they interact with others, make up games and use their imaginations. We offer a great variety of outdoor climbing walls, playground boulders and nature-inspired play equipment that will inspire children to unplug and get outside!

climbing net

  Outdoor playground climbing net

This is a challenge for all ages.

Up and over if you are brave enough, a great confidence builder.

safety modern environmental labyrinth architectural playground climbing net



This is the original horizontal ladder! Designed for children 5 to 12, the Junior Horizontal Ladder

fits every playground, budget. The unit is easy to assemble and built for commercial use. Each unit is powder coated in your choice of colors. Simple to install, The installed height from the safety surfacing is 7’.


Chain Climbing Wall

The Chain Climbing Wall is commercially constructed of high strength coated chains and rungs supported by your choice of two 3-1/2″ Dia. or 5″ Dia. steel posts. The galvanized steel posts are powder-coated with a triple flo-coated corrosion protection for a superior, high gloss, no peel, no flake finish. Manufactured for commercial use and tested in accordance with ASTM standards.

A great addition to existing playgrounds, schools, and public parks. Provides a place for kids to practice their climbing skills safely while improving hand/eye coordination. Kids can race up and down or maneuver side to side as they build their confidence.

camel back climber

camel back climber

The deep rung arches on this camel back climber provide safety for children and can be customized to match any color scheme. The powder coated frame is manufactured with a high gloss coating to prevent peeling and flaking.

rainbow climber

Rainbow Climber

playground climbers, that are suitable for the children between age groups of 4-14 years. These climbers find extensive usage in various play schools, amusement parks and other family entertainment centers. Offered in variety of colors and innovative designs, our  climbers give a feel of adventure and are easy to play with.

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