Outside, where it really happens.

Our fitness equipment provides opportunities for users to enjoy exercise outdoors.

The World Play Center offers a wide range of activities, including upper and lower exercises through cardiovascular training, flexibility and strength training.

These are excellent edition to any public space to encourage good health and wellbeing, without the pressures of private GYM environment

Working in Parks and Recreation, you understand the value of time spent in nature—walking, running, climbing, jumping, or just being. You know that outdoor quality time is losing ground with kids. There’s more competition than ever for their time—from school, sports, and technology. Video games release new versions all the time. When’s the last time someone updated outdoor play?
We want to make sure we always have a good answer for that. Actually, a great answer for that. Playworld is committed to working with Parks & Recreation professionals to create great outdoor play experiences. From concept to play testing to site design, your input plays a critical role in what we do—and it shows. So get in touch, get involved, and let’s make great play.
Together, we can keep unstructured play alive and well: by building spaces that cultivate play. Sustaining it for generations.
And sharing what makes great play—and why it matters.

health walker

Health Walker

  • outdoor fitness equipment air walker with stops inside
  • Modern Style Sports Equipment Outdoor Space Walker Or Cardio Cruiser For Kids


Double Sit-up Bench

The Double Sit Up Bench Workout Station is a great piece for any park or outdoor fitness area. This piece of equipment allows workout of the core and is a popular choice of workout among adults. The station allows two adults to workout at once and comes in black and silver.

Great for abdominal crunches by either using as sit-ups or leg raises.

H 650mm x W 1366mm x L 1400mm

Rocking bike

rocking Bike

Anti-crack Playground Toy Rocking bike
1.kids spring ride
2.innovative design and bright color-matching
3.environmental-friend and safe material
4.low price


Surf Rider

Powder coated steel frame. Vandal-resistant high density poly-sheet top section. Safe and durable “C” spring. Various colors of frame and dec


Outdoor Fitness Waist Twister

  • The perfect social exercise equipment for three people at a time.
  • A great starting point to gently warm up before moving onto more strenuous workouts.
  • Item: Outdoor Fitness  Waist Twister
  • Size: 1370*1370*1310mm
  • Materials: Galvanized pipe; Akzo powder coating
  • Functions: Train waist joints and enhances their flexibility and the cardiopulmonary function.
  • Usage: Hold the handrails with both hands(distance between hands same as distance between shoulders) and stand on a turn-disc, lean upper body forward slightly and twist the lower body clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Galvanized Steel Outdoor High Quality Children Seesaw

Funny model children plastic animail seesaw/animal seesaw/kid cartoon seesaw


1.2014 Rrea indoor playground small naughty castle indoor soft play
2.14-year experience
3.Certificate: CE ISO9100 GS


Airplane Rider


Airplane Rider Big Enough to Seat Two Children
The Airplane Rider offers seating for two, allowing children to play, laugh, and imagine together. Equipped with a self-contained torsion spring, this playground component will rock back and forth for endless hours of fun.

Perfect for children ranging from ages 2 through 5, the Airplane Rider is virtually maintenance free because of the its ultraviolet protection to prevent color fading and corrosion. Choose from a wide variety of colors for the seat/fin, and select from even more colors for the airplane rider frame. Minimum safety use zone of 16′ x 16′. Mounting plate and assembly hardware is included.

Parallel Rail

Parallel Rails

Use your own body weight to help build muscle strength in your arms and shoulders.

H 1658mm x W 548mm x L 1948mm



Functions: Increase the body’s blood circulation, promote
metabolism; Activate and strengthen the waist joints,
enhance the cardiopulmonary function.
Instructions: Do proper warm-up activities before using
the equipment. Step on the footboard, hold the two
handles, utilize the strength of waist to move the legs

4 Seater Pod Rider

4 Seater Pod Rider

Establish a Unique Playground Experience with Our Spring Riders

A spring rider is a popular outdoor playground component, designed for young children. A metal spring is fitted with plastic seats, providing the bouncing and bobbling motion that children love. Our high quality and durable polyethylene range of spring rider playground equipment is available in various colourful animal and vehicle designs to increase core strength, muscle tone and development.


High quality materials and fiberglass