Metalwork to Live With

We combine Engineering Skills with Ramiz general supplies Est.  and Innovation to produce the right solution for your metalwork needs.

Whether you need custom made furniture, bespoke fittings for hotel bathrooms, bike racks for schools or handrails for a hospital, or anything else you can imagine being made in metal, we have the skills, experience and machinery to fabricate your solution.

Engineering and PLAY WORLD CENTER Combined

Once you have decided on the requirements for your project, get in touch to discuss just how we can produce what you need, efficiently and to your exact specification.

Quantity & Quality

Whether your custom metal fabrication project is just one item, hundreds or thousands, we can deliver, ensuring the same attention to detail and quality for every fabricated item produced.

At Ramiz general supplies Est also available a special division for metal work with high quality ending delivering various metal work for our client’s requirements and needs.

Ramiz general supplies Est manufacturing facilities are comprehensively equipped and staffed by skilled RAMIZ men and Engineers.

We have the ability to undertake all types of projects, from single pre production items to major manufacturing runs. We work in all metals, including Aluminium, Mild and Stainless Steels, Brass, and Thermoplastics etc, and handle your project needs from sourcing raw materials, through fabrication, to the final polishing and finishing processes.

If you know what you’re trying to achieve, but would like a little help with choosing the right metals and refining your specification, our market leading engineering team will work with you to ensure your finished products are produced in just the right way, with the right materials, to meet your needs.

So whether your requirements are for custom made metal furniture, balustrades, bollards, cycle racks, hotel furniture fittings or signs, once you have placed your contract with us, you can be confident that you need only wait for the delivery of your completed, high quality products.





we have the skills, experience and machinery to fabricate your solution.