High quality materials and fiberglass

Our bumper cars are designed and built of high quality materials and fiberglass. Every piece is carefully made with professional expertise, as well as the assistance from experienced American and European companies that have long years of history in Bumper Car manufacturing. Brilliant Cabinet Design, combined with excellent electronics and mechanical components, make our cars become the hottest and one of the most reliable products in the amusement industry!



 products make you more money!

Just making the cars better looking, more comfortable, safer and more exciting to ride is just not enough for Amusement products. Its Amusement Products goal is to make our products make you more money!


How do bumper cars work?

Bumper car rides are designed so that the cars can collide without much danger to the riders. Each car has a large rubber bumper all around it, which prolongs the impact and diffuses the force of the collision.


Loaded With Options

  • Proven  Built-to-last Engineering, Innovation, Safety and Reliability

    Pricing and performance unequaled in the Industry

  • Patented Neoprene covered bumper that reduces “G” force impact. Unbeatable for long term wear and shock absorption

  • High back head rest protects rider’s head and neck

  • Heavy Steel Frame Construction

  • State-of-the-art safety features

  • Ride system requires only one operator

High quality materials and fiberglass