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To do better in school, kids should exercise their bodies as well as their brains, experts say

Attention parents: If you’d like to see your kids do better in school, have them close their books, set down their pencils and go outside to play. That’s the latest advice from an international group of experts who studied the value of exercise in school-age kids. “Physical activity before, during and after school promotes scholastic performance in children and youth,” [...]

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Trying to Close the Achievement Gap, We Have Created a “Play Gap”

  The pressure to teach academic skills in pre-K and kindergarten has been increasing since the passage of the No Child Left Behind act 15 years ago. Today, many young children are required to sit in chairs, sometimes for long periods of time, as a teacher instructs them. This goes against their natural impulse to learn actively through play where they [...]

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“ The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”   What do we need to know? Before designing, you need to ask some important questions about who will use the play equipment. Establish clear objectives upfront, to ensure the best decisions later on in the process. Here are some questions to consider: 1. How many children/people will the playground [...]

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